Narrative Game

When I was a child, I loved to record my dreams, and the story of this game originated from a dream I had, I dreamed that I became a florist, tending the garden for others, until one day I met a beautiful lady in my dream and left a bouquet of roses in front of me. When I woke up, a rose appeared on my pillow. The feelings for the rose approximated the love between lovers, and my life began to revolve around this rose. But under my care, it wilted, so I held the rose and began to shed tears, and my tears moistened its petals so that it bloomed again. This brought me to despair, but there was nothing I could do but feel the rose decaying and rotting at my fingertips by touch.
Because the feelings in my dream were so real, I had been so concerned that I consulted an ancient Chinese book called Zhou Gong Xue Meng, a book that explains dreams, and its explanation for my becoming blind was ”You are in trouble and may run into some trouble, but no one can help you.” This was exactly the state I was in at the time, and a month ago some problems caused me to be depressed for a long time. I slowly got better when I talked to people close to me, but when I was alone, these bad moods were like beasts breaking out of their cages and tormenting me on sleepless nights, but these problems were really something I needed to face myself. The positive influence of people close to me was like the roses left to me by the beautiful lady, and I was so absorbed in it that I forgot that some problems needed to be faced and sorted out by myself, and that the kindness and care of others could not solve my current problems. So I chose to pull myself together. In my own way, I adjusted my mental state and grew.

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