A Game with 18 Cards

The name of the game is Jungle Survival Rules. It consists of four properties of loop restraint. These four attributes are Sound Attack, Interrupt, Fortress, and Physical Attack.

Rules Introduction

1. One point is added to the winning team each turn, and when an attack is defended, one point is added to the defending team. The player who has accumulated five points wins.【 At first, I thought that after each turn, the played cards would be discarded and could not be put into the pile. But since the game has only 18 cards. It may happen that players count the remaining cards. 】Before the start of each turn players need to choose a card to display on the table and then redraw a card. So the player’s hand always remains at three cards. But one of the opponent’s cards is content.

2. Players need to draw 1 card from the pile before the start of the turn. After the turn starts, players need to re-draw 2 dark cards, hide the bright cards and shuffle them.

3.Card type attribute restraint:Sound Attack > Interrupt > Fortress > Physical Attack > Sound Attack. When players play each other’s cards across levels or repeatedly players need to use the dice to decide the winner. The player with the highest number of points wins.

This is the first version of the logic diagram, but after testing with my classmates [their help is greatly appreciated] I found that the loop was not equivalent so I readjusted the rules.

Introduction of card types

Sound Attack Cards: Cards with sounds made by small animals.
Sound attack cards include: cursing cricket, whining snail, crying crocodile, snoring piglet.

Break cards: Cards with the act of throwing.
Interrupt cards include: a frog with tongue shot, hit by bird droppings, spat on by alpaca, an elephant with snot shells

Fortress cards: Cards with the act of entering certain structures.
Fortress cards include: hiding in a nest, burrowing into a tree, hiding in a cave, burrowing into a bush

Physical Attack Cards: Cards that have damage generated by contact.
Physical attack cards include: pushed by a bear, stepped on by a rabbit, tripped over a tree, crushed by a hippo.

King Card: This card can be obtained when the player’s throw of the dice is one. On the next turn, the player can draw two cards with the King card.

Reverse Card: This card can be obtained when the player’s throw of the dice is one. He will win the match.

Card Design

In order to allow players to distinguish the different types of cards well. I chose verbs with similar attributes and different colors as labels.

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