Avoid and Collect Game

The source of inspiration for this game is our family dog, Sparrow. Because I am not at home and my parents need to travel a lot. So my sister began to take care of the sparrow. I miss her a lot. Sometimes when I video with my sister I will see her in the back. Sparrow has always been a considerate and gentle good companion and my niece also gets along very well. So I added my niece to the game as well.
The name of this game is called Puppy Nanny. The puppy needs to put the blocks in the designated place within 30 seconds. In between, there are water bombs to shoot and babies that move back and forth.

The adjustments to the game’s difficulty settings are.
1. The initial position of the puppy and the correspondence of the other parts.
2. The speed and frequency of water bomb shooting.
3. A time limit of the level.
4. The distance between the water bomb and the graphical delivery place.[ I found that most players let down their guard after the delivery of graphics and thus get hit by water bombs]
5. Rules of delivery: deliver in order and clear the history of successful deliveries after death [This will bring frustration to the player but maybe feasible in such a volume of the game.

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